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Customer Reviews

"I am sorry I do not remember her name. She was very helpful and accomodating. I was able to pick up my trays of bagels and get them into the city of Philly for my mom's service (repast). I really appreaciate what she and the staff did for me. The bagels were a hit. Thank you!" -  5/19 SVH, Google

"This place is my go-to for a good size chicken salad on a bagel. The iced coffee is always made to perfection. Thanks Barrister's for doing such an excellent job!!" - 5/16 Taisha B, DoorDash

"Great Bagels and friendly people" - 5/6 Chase K, Google

"I'm from New York, so I think I know good bagels. Barristers is as good as it gets outside of New York. I get an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese. YUMMO!!!!" - 4/28 James K, Google

"The staff is super nice and extremely accommodating. I ordered a couple bagels and one was incorrect. I called to get the correct item and not only did they refund me, but also remade the item for me. They have great customer service!" - 4/22 Melinda H, Google


"Always great for a quick but delicious breakfast, iced coffee and a black and white cookie on the run!" - 4/21 Lindsey L, Google 

"My favorite store in Pottstown... Everyone who works there are so awesome and friendly!!" - 4/12 Brian D, Square

"This is by far one of the best little breakfast books in Pottstown. They have amazing food and incredibly friendly staff. Definitely try their sausage, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich, with hash browns and bacon. Their cinnamon buns are to die for. Get them grilled and get extra! Everything is delicious. They even have doggie items. You will not be disappointed!" - 3/31 Emily B, Google

"So grateful we have such a good bagel place nearby. This puts Dunkin Donuts to shame. I'd recommend the breakfast sandwiches or just an everything bagel with cream cheese. Their cream cheese is LEVELS above any other cream cheese I've ever had. It melts in your mouth!!!" - 3/7 Shanin D, Yelp

"Best bagels in the area. And I’m kind of a bagel aficionado." - 2/24 Brian L, Google

"Hard to find a good bagel around here and I'm confident I found my spot while working in this area. Friendly staff and a clean, inviting atmosphere to top it off. Win win in my book!" - 1/21 Anthony N, Google 

"Friendly staff, wide variety of food and a pleasant atmosphere. Plus the have dog treats!" - 1/1 Jim  D, Yelp

"I ordered 6 bagels all were covered in seeds and they went great with the strawberry 🍓 Cream cheese . I will definitely be getting bagels more often now TY Barristers"  - 11/19 the first pancake, Google

"Doggie bagels are perfect size . Mocha loved it ! Thanks" - 11/12 Lynn M, Google 

"Good bagels, good prices! Eggs on egg sandwich were a bit overdone. I know they can't do too runny for food safety but they were fairly dark. Love the lox bagel!" - 10/29 Jordan A, Google 

"The young lady who waited on me was awesome. Very friendly." - 9/15 JF, Square

"Excellent customer service and a large assortment of bagels + toppings. The breakfast sandwiches are amazing, one of the best in the Pottstown/Boyertown area!" 8/20 Joseph T, Google

"Great customer service! I felt welcomed as soon as I walked in! I ordered an egg and cheese on an everything bagel with a hashbrown and matcha latte. I was able to get my eggs scrambled and vanilla syrup added to my latte! Would definitely recommend this place!

Update went back today and Matt helped me again! He remembered exactly how I liked my Matcha and even wrote Mrs.Matcha on my cup! Great customer service lol" 8/19 Amirah G, Google


"Best bagels in the Pottstown area by far. Awesome people, friendly clientele and Geri is wonderful! Can't wait to get the new site open!!" 8/16 Jim S, Google

"Honestly, most amazing bagels. I am from NY and getting a good bagel out here was nearly impossible. Their bagels are fresh and tasty, they have the good cream cheese, and their SMOOTHIES ARE TO DIE FOR! Really if you are looking for. fabulous tasting smoothie made with care and excitement (really, the gentleman who made it loves making them), this is the place to go for them. Prices are reasonable (from the store, if you order on Door Dash it's always going to be more expensive, go to the store). They also have adorable doggie bagels that if my dogs could talk they would rave about them." - 8/10 Daniella H, Yelp

"Good food, friendly staff. I love the avocado toast"  6/11 Patrick, Google

"Very delicious bagels" 6/17 Georgina D, Google

"When it's right, such a delight 😃🌻 and that dark roast coffee is addicting and the Bagel Sandwiches have been perfect😆😋" - 5/14 Olivia C, Google

"Great bagels and coffee - a go-to when we have guests from out of town or are taking bagels to the office. Nice staff." - 4/22 Chris B, Google

I walked in and got a lox bagel which was ready in 2-3 minutes. It was tasty with the coffee I got too! It would be more perfect still if there would be a rye bagel option and an À la carte kosher dill/Hans Jurgen pickle spear on side (the vinegar from the pickle is good for the digestive health). Its nice to have this shop in Pottstown." 4/16 Zenas S, Google

"Been here two or three times now and the bagels and coffee have been great!" 4/8 Zach O, Google

"Great place for a cup of coffee and a bagel" 4/2l Richard B, Google

"The bagels and bagel sandwiches are delicious. The staff was pleasant and our food was done quickly! A crumb cake and coffee to go. The hot coffee was self-serve, but you were still able to add flavors.
We even decided to get some bagels to go home because of how good they looked." 3/18 Rebecca K, Google

"bagels are amazing. being from jersey it's hard to find great bagels in pa (with taylor ham) and this place hits the spot." - 2/13 Tanysha S, DoorDash

"I've enjoyed everything I've eaten from here. I am a big bagel fan and it's nice to have a bagel shop here in town. Their bagels are delicious and do not disappoint. The wait can sometimes be a little on the longer side depending on the time and day you go, but overall this is a great spot to grab some food." - Caleb D. 2/4

"amazing as always." - 2/2 Craig M, DoorDash

"Best bagel sandwiches around and we have tried them all and they have really reasonable prices especially on their iced coffee. It's my favorite little spot. I have family moving to the state and as soon as they are in the area im bringing them here." - 1/26 Dani, Google

"Wonderful shop with fresh baked bagels. Lots of selection and delicious, plenty of cream cheese. Definitely stopping by again the next time I am in town." - 12/3 Kate W. Google

"Super cute spot. Was welcomed as soon as I walked in! Friendly staff! Breakfast sandwiches were great. Bagels were fresh, but a bit smaller than I expected. Only reason 4/5. Great spot for a quick sandwich!! Lots of variety of bagels both savory and sweet!" - 7/24 Kristyn S. Yelp

"Best bagels around! Every inch of bagel is covered with seasoning (sesame is my favorite). And bonus for the pup bagels"  - Abby G, 7/9 Google

"Great fresh bagels and amazing staff!  I've had an office meeting catered by then and went in person and didn't disappoint either times" - 6/17 Navid M., Yelp

"The best bagels- literally like NYC deli bagels in the best way. The special cream cheeses are so good if a little chunky. Chocolate chip, Asiago, jalapeño cheddar, and everything bagels are the best!" - 6/6 Alexandria S., Yelp

"I would say that the bagels at Barrister's Bagels are as good as anything I ever had in 20 years of living in NYC. Perfect amount of chewiness and densely packed poppy seeds on my bagel with butter. We also had the cream cheese and lox on an everything bagel. It was so good and the lox were excellent, fresh and flavorful. The service was friendly and fast. And there are tables outside on the shady side of the street. I'll be back on the regular!" - 6/5 Anne A., Yelp


"These bagels are wonderful." - 4/27 Kaitlyn D, Google


"First time getting food from here. Everything was really good and fresh. Highly recommended. I'll be back for sure to try more of their stuff!" - Joseph G, 4/10 DoorDash


"Fantastic!"-  Amy N 3/30 DoorDash

"For years it was hard to find really good bagels around here - thank goodness for Barrister's. They have a great selection of delicious bagels. I've been to both of their locations and was not disappointed at either. The people that work there are very friendly and they are well organized." - V. D.  3/26 Yelp

"Consistently some of the best freshest bagels around. Flavors are fantastic!" - Joseph B 3/20 DoorDash

"This was my first time ordering from here. I have eaten a lot of bagels in my life. Hands down, this is the best bagel I have ever had. The contrast of the crunchy outer layer with the right amount of chewiness in the center was simply sublime. I had a pumpernickel bagel lox sandwich. The lox melted in my mouth and tasted fresh. It had the perfect ratio of tomatoes, capers, red onions, and cream cheese. When I want to cheat on my diet I’ll definitely be coming back again!!!" - Grace L. 3/19 Google

"The grilled sticky buns are amazing!!" - Brittany H 3/17 DoorDash

Hidden breakfast gem in Pottstown. Wife and I got 2 breakfast sandwiches and 2 coffees. Came out to about 16 bucks. Sandwiches were amazing. Fresh bagels, melty cheese, and crispy bacon. Coffee was fresh as well.. Definitely coming back. I called ahead and it took less than 10 minutes for them to have it ready. Friendly staff on top of it all." - Jonathon S, 2/26 Google

"The best bagels I've had in a long time. The staff is very friendly and courteous I've told alot of my friends they need to check them out. I want to try one of their breakfast sandwiches next time I go there." - Melissa H., 2/20 Google

"This is a little gem in downtown Pottstown. The bagels are always fresh and delicious. The price for a dozen bagels is very reasonable and they have a great assortment to select from." - Bill K 2/8 Google


"Easy online ordering and delish!!!" - Judy G. 2/9 Google

"tasty sandwiches!!" - Gregory D. 1/29 Square

"Great Sandwiches on fresh Bagels." - Donald B. 1/29 Square

"Been ordering from here on DoorDash once a week for the past 6 months. Hands down the best bagels and sandwiches around." - 1/27 Nathan F., Google

"Best Bagels! Made fresh every day. 2 miles from home. Easy order online, run in and pick up your bag o bagels. My giant dog LOVES his doggie bagel...starts salvating as soon as he sees the brown paper bag walk in the door. Only problem is they're not open Mon Tues." - 1/26 Wendy K. Google

"If I could give this place 10 stars I would. Barrister’s has the best homemade bagels around. Seriously though the employees were getting excited about the bagels that were coming out of the oven so that’s how you know it’s good! Highly recommended ordering ahead of time online, but I will never go anywhere else for bagels again." - 1/25 Gina M., Google

"Always top notch! Best Bagel shop around!" - Jennifer B 1/14 DoorDash

"Delicious" - Christopher R 12/26 Google

"These are quality bagels! They are the best you can get around here, which says a lot because we have options. And their cream cheeses are amazing! Plus, for $1.50, they have doggie treat bagels- when I gave it to the doggo, she literally went into a private space to enjoy it!" - Kelly R 12/12 Yelp

"Amazing food and super friendly staff" - Elizabeth F 12/5

"Bagel sandwiches were perfect. They got our order right and the online ordering option was so simple and convenient. Great start to our morning! - Chris P. 11/24 Google

"Always fresh and tasty!" - Annell C, 11/19 DoorDash

"All around great! I am so happy to have this gem in Pottstown. The staff and environment are wonderful. And the bagels 🥯 are amazing!" Heather R. 11/13 Square


"I'm going to have to say that I had a very positive experience. Bagels were fresh, coffee delightful and the ladies in the front area doing customer service were pleasant, working hard and mindful of all customers. Their online ordering was easy and I could order the night before and it was ready for pickup when I showed up. Even the customers were pleasant. Thank You!"" - Robert B. 11/11 Google

""everything was delicious" - Holly M. 11/10 DoorDash

"Everything was fresh and friendly service with a smile .." - James B. 11/7 Google

"Makes me happy to have a bagel place near me." - Alicia G. 10/14 Google

"I am kicking myself for not knowing sooner this place exists! I found out last minute that a coworker’s 10 year anniversary was this coming weekend, and I wanted to celebrate it. Hopped online and placed an order within minutes of having to leave for work, and picked them up 15 minutes later. Y’all, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a GOOD bagel. I got a dozen of mixed flavors, and chose to try the garlic bagel for breakfast. I about died and went to heaven after one bite - it was the most delicious bagel I’ve ever tried. Rarely do I feel, after eating one bagel, that I wanted another. I spent ALL DAY fighting the urge to eat another, and THEN brought the leftovers home and ate one for dinner with some eggs. This will now be a weekly stop for me, to grab some bagels for home. All the employees are super nice, the facility is clean and smells delicious. Get ya bagels from here!!" - Darby Ross 8/27 Google

"Amazing quality bagels, I always get their breakfast sandwiches" - Brianna K. 8/23 Google

"service was good, waiter was pleasant and friendly" - Daniel M. 8/22 Square


"Loving the updated lunch menu! The caprese and chicken salad sandwiches are my favorite. 10/10." - Ryan N. 8/7 Google

"Just got catering for a business meeting. Everyone enjoyed the fresh bagels and the veggie cream cheese was a hit! My coworkers and I will definitely be back." - Bart H. 8/7 Google

"Wonderful staff and super friendly. The variety of bagels is really vast and just about everything on the menu sounds, looks, and tastes great!" - Sasha L. 8/5 Google

"Delicious bagels for a great price. Always good to come here and grab some coffee and a bagel sandwich." - Karl P. 8/1 Google


"Went here for the first time today and I have to say these are the best bagels in the Pottstown area. The everything bagel was toasted perfectly with the right amount of cream cheese. It was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside- the perfect bagel!! This will definitely be a regular spot for us for bagels! - Ash O. 8/1 Yelp


"Always good" -  Ed O. 7/29 Google

"Delicious bagels and cream cheese spreads" - Petra L. 7/28 Google


"The bagels are really wonderful! I was introduced to fresh bagels from my beau and we get them from Jersey, but we don't get to Jersey often, so when I happened to find this place (which this location had JUST opened), I was so happy to have a close to home delicious spot! I love them! I'm a fan of the product and the staff!" - Danielle G. 7/22


"Great spot for a bagel, comparable to an nyc bagel, not a full 5/5 but pretty darn close, since it's the best spot I've found in the Pottstown/Boyertown area.  The breakfast sandwich and cream cheese selection is always fresh, and great value.  $3.00 for a bagel and cream cheese in my book isn't a bad deal.  Highly recommend if you're in the area and looking for a decent bagel choice." - Brock S. 7/24 Yelp

"Great local spot for fresh and fluffy bagels! A must try if you are a bagel lover. The space is clean and staff is always friendly" - Georgia A. 7/18 Google


"Excellent bagels - the everything bagel is awesome. Fast delivery." - Peter G. 7/17 Facebook

"Great food, bagels and service. My new favorite spot in my local area. Got breakfast sandwiches and bagels and they all were elite. Love this place" - Jake W. 7/7 Yelp

"Awesome bagel shop. Good service and side walk seating was available when I went. Totally recommend visiting if you love bagels." - Ken K. 6/27 Google

"Really top-quality bagels and coffee, super sweet staff. I was able to plug in and spend some time working here while in town. Easy parking on street and at public lot next door. You can call ahead if in a rush, but they were very fast on Thurs. morning." - Brian R. 6/26 Google

"Had my first Barrister’s bagel this weekend. Hands down, the best everything bagel I’ve ever had. Very friendly staff. I’ll be back for sure!" - Lisa N. 6/20 Facebook

"best bagels in the area and the doggos love the dog bagels and cookies" - Joseph S. 6/20 Facebook


"Excellent fresh bagels!" - Jonathan H. 6/20 

"A bit of a wait but well worth it! The sausage egg and cheese bagel sandwich is amazing!" - Matt T. 6/13 Google

"Barristers is in our neighborhood and we like to order for pickup once a week or so. The staff are unfailingly polite and always get our order correct. The bagels are delicious - there's a wonderful variety, they're large and have a very satisfying and toothsome texture. We usually opt for plain cream cheese or an egg and cheese bagel sandwich but we're looking forward to branching out. And of course we always get the whole wheat bagel with peanut butter for my son. The iced coffee is strong and dark but smooth, reminiscent of Starbucks but less bitter and about half the price." - L.E. Kennedy 6/12 Google

"Bagels are awesome! We got them and then drove down to the park. Honestly we tried the dog treats, hope the dog likes them 😂" - Aurelia C.5/23  Google

"So glad they are back. Simply the best bagels around." - Erich R. 5/6 Google

"They've gotten their stuff together and are great with delivering on those delicious dozens of bagels. Best place around locally." - R.W. 5/15 Google

"Delicious bagels and a super friendly staff. Always a great experience." -  Jeffrey C. 5/8 Google


"Tried this place today. they had great bagels and awesome coffee. The place is clean and service was quick." - Richard P 4/24 Google

"Very accommodating folks, great place" -  Ken 4/24 Square

"Best bagels around!!" - Joe S. 4/23 Facebook

"Such a cute little shop. Fast and kind service. Breakfast sandwiches were delicious and so reasonably priced. They have a cute little shopping corner as well. Definitely will come back." M.H.T. 4/18 Yelp

"Always served fast and hot!! Every bagel is even more delicious than the last!! WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK!!" - James L.4/18 Facebook


"Ordered from Pottstown location. The garlic bagels are the best I’ve ever had and I’m from New York where bagels are king! Lots of garlic on them too. Definitely going back and try the everything bagel! Ordered delivery and it was right on time !" - M.H.T. 4/18 Facebook

"I had been here a few years ago and left a very negative review! I tried it again during Covid as they have excellent pick-up/contactless options and I have to change my 2 ⭐️⭐️ To a 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! The bagels are always fresh and delicious and the service is excellent. The last 2 times I’ve been in the girl was very friendly both on the phone and in store. Rapid turnaround from how it was a few years ago! We now order bagels every weekend! Give it another try if you haven’t been lately!!!" - Kathrine H. 4/4 Google


 "I've been craving a real bagel and Barrister's delivered!!! Easy online ordering and even easier pickup!! Thank you!" - Heather S. 3/23 Facebook

"I just had there everything bagel with scallion cream cheese it was so good you have to try it! And my family loved the chocolate chip bagels. And they even have a dog bagel 🥯!But they did get our order wrong. It was quick to pick up but very busy." - Abby R. 3/14 Google

"Ordered breakfast sandwiches which has become a go to for us, we love their bagels! On this particular day one of their employees (wish I got her name!) noticed we had our dog in the car and went out of her way to give us a doggie bagel! Which Ollie (our dog) loved! Not to mention, I love the way their pick up is set up! I would definitely recommend!" - Nicole R. 3/13 Google

"Love my 🥯and finding new spots to purchase them from to past onto other's" - Alonzo G. 2/27 Google

"Bagels are delicious and the staff are so so so friendly! And they have a little peanut butter bagel for that four legged friend who always must be included!" - Amanda K. 3/14 Google

"Prices are fair, good selection, and the everything bagels are absolutely on point here. Tastes like a top notch New Jersey / New York style bagel, nice and doughy with a perfect crunch at the end. No crazy flavors or weird gimmicks, this is definitely the spot for great bagels in the area." - Thomas K. 3/14 Google

"Great veg and lox cream cheese. On jalapeno cheese bagel was the best. So fresh. Definitely my must have from now on." - Connie 3/13 Google


"Always have a good selection of delicious bagels available and their breakfast sandwiches are great. Call ahead or be prepared to stand and wait about 15 minutes for sandwiches. I just wish they were open more days in the week, maybe they will after COVID." - Carl K. 2/13 Google

"Great bagels." -  Greg L.  2/6 Google

"Ordered from Pottstown location. The garlic bagels are the best I’ve ever had and I’m from New York where bagels are king! Lots of garlic on them too. Definitely going back and try the everything bagel! Ordered delivery and it was right on time !" - Georgette D. 2/13 Facebook


"Love this place. So happy that they have come back to Pottstown. Great NY bagels. Boiled the right way." - Jerald L.  1/9  Google

"They are consistently the best bagels in the area. Great cream cheese. Excellent choices. Everything bagels are covered on both sides-- great chew and softness. 10/10. They are consistently the best bagels in the area. The new location in Pottstown is also great. Right next to the old/new the very best hotdog shop. - David S. 1/2 Yelp


"Really good chocolate chip bagel. Really good staff." -  Nick K. 12/14 Google

"So happy this place is open now in Pottstown. We love their food." - Amanda J. 12/12 Google

"Love their bagels. Jalapeno cheddar is my favorite. House cream cheese is delish too. Will be returning for sure." - Michael H. 12/13 Google

"Always friendly, food is fabulous. I drive in from Phoenixville because you’ have the best bagels in the area." - Melissa S. 12/12 Square

"Always have had a great experience! They’ve done a great job since COVID-19" - Heather W. 11/28 Google

"Happy to have Barrister’s back in Pottstown! Just picked up a couple bagels for the weekend and they are so fresh! Can’t be beat! And my wife swears by the olive cream cheese schmear! Will make this a regular visit for sure!" - Wayne F. 11/28 Facebook

"Y’all have the best bagels and the best retail team around. Thank you all for being open and providing my family’s Thanksgiving breakfast. May you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving." - Melissa S. 11/26 Square

"Best bagels around!" - Connor M. 11/22 Google

Best Bagels hands down." - Chuck L. 11/21 Google

"Best breakfast sandwiches in the area. When I moved here we were desperately searching for a good bacon egg and cheese, other places all left us disappointed. After leaving Giant one morning we decided to give Barristers a shot. Now we won’t get breakfast sandwiches anywhere else! Great service, people and food " - Amy E 10/18 Google

Great bagels, great service, order online pickup in store. Support your local businesses!! - Maueen S. 9/20 Google

"This is an update from my earlier review.  The new ownership has completely transformed this bagel store.  The people are smiling and friendly, and best of  all, the bagels are really terrific. This is my go-to bagel store.  Sure beats some of the chain shops." - Jim H. 9/14 Yelp

Sure, you can get bagels in a lot of places, but I go out of my way for these guys. Their bagels are LOADED with toppings. Good luck finding any space at all that isn't covered by a seed, chunk of salt / onion etc! And they're fat, chewy and have that slight tang that every good bagel should have. No other bagel can compare to these."  - Fiona M. 8/16 Google

Just moved to the area. My wife got the lox and it was nice and fresh! I had a pork roll egg and and cheese, and both were very good. Quick and polite service. We'll be back for sure!" - Josh W. 7/26 Yelp

"This place has really stepped their game up since the new ownership. Their ordering is much more efficient( you can even order online and use Apple Pay.) I was very happy that they offered contactless curbside pickup, very convenient for those with children. The staff were also very friendly. Our bagels were amazing. Highly recommended" - Brianna H. 6/6 Google

"Best bagels since I moved out of Brooklyn!!!" - Ed K. 6/6 Google

"Perfect!! You guy are doing it right and with great customer service!!" - Anonymous 6/4 Square

"I ordered on Saturday for pick up last Sunday. They were extra delicious 😋 Curbside pick up was very easy and stress free. Great job Barrister’s!" - Mary W. 5/27 Facebook

"Delicious. Onion bagel with veggie cream cheese. Best ever had" - Lynn T. 5/27 Google

"Best bagels around." - Anonymous 5/21 Square


"these bagels absolutely slap. especially the chocolate chip one" - Kaitlyn F 5/9 Google

"Barrister's bagels are the best in the area. My husband is picky about his bagels and these are his favorite!" - Devin B. 5/8 Facebook

"Best bagels in the area! I’ve been missing them dreadfully during quarantine and I’m so excited they’ll be back soon!" - Laura F.  5/6 Facebook

"addicted to these yummy bagels" - Michael L. 4/29 Facebook


"Best and freshest bagels around! New owners are wonderful! - Sofia R. 4/21/20 Facebook

"Very good. Will order again." - Anonymous 4/2 Square

"Their bagels are good and they're very generous in the amount of cream cheese that they put on them. Definitely recommend." - Jeff R. 3/14/20 Yelp

"Wife and I had a great breakfast. Bagels were very fresh. Low cost yet great food." - Hooded S. 3/2020 Google

"Best bagels in eastern Pennsylvania." - David P. 2/16/20 Google

"Some of the best bagels I've ever had. I came here to get some breakfast and do a bit of work on my laptop. The environment was casual and the staff was courteous. The facility was clean and modern. I got a bagel with Lox and it was perhaps the best bagel I've ever eaten. Didn't get a chance to try the coffee, but I expect it would be very good. They have free WiFi that's fast and secure. Highly recommend going!" - Johan C. 2/15/20 Google

"the bagels and coffee were delicious" - Patrick H. 2/6 Square

"On par with any bagel I've had in New York. Cheap, stellar, friendly. Weekly walks down to the shop are always a treat." - Joshua K. 2/1/20 Google

"Great, clean bagel shop with friendly service. I got a dozen different bagels to share with my coworkers. They were all a hit. I highly recommend the vegetable cream cheese.  Can't wait to go back and  try more." - Prija J. 1/30/20 Yelp


"lots so flavorful bagels, yummy sandwiches great coffee" - Marlene W. 1/25/20 Facebook

"Great time at the bagel fun day." - Tina K. 1/25/20 Facebook


"The service was friendly & prompt; the food was excellent & still hot from the grill. Price was reasonable; overall a very enjoyable experience!" - Raymond Z 1/11 Square


"Freshest & most delicious bagels in town! Quick service too, you can't beat it for a quick breakfast stop!" - Michael M. 1/11 Google

"Good breakfast sandwiches" - Stephen C. 1/10 Google

"Recently went back in with new ownership and it’s GREAT!" - Patti W. 1/6 Google


"We LOVE this place, the management has completely transformed the interior but the bagels are still the best we have ever had. The owner is so nice, he brings out water for our dog and a treat and is always friendly and accommodating. The employees are first rate too, always happy and have a smile!" -  Ed F. 12/12/19

"From what I’ve heard this place used to not be the greatest but now that it is under new ownership it’s phenomenal!! The staff is very friendly, there is a man who I assume is the owner because he is always there, and he’s so nice and you can tell he really takes pride in his business plus the bagels are delicious." - Brenna R. 12/2/19 Google

"Best bagels..on the planet...and very nice people." - Forrest M. 11/17/19 Google

"Wonderful staff, delicious bagels and bagel sandwiches" - Janette G. 11/16/19 Google

"Cleaner and more friendly than with previous owner. Food is great." - Sara S. 11/14/19 Google


"Excellent bagels, toppings, sandwiches and very good coffee. Great for breakfast or for lunch. Very nice staff." - Amy W. 11/8/19 Yelp

"Love that you are open in Pottstown early. Perfect for commuters! Loved the choc chip cr cheese" - Lynn S. 10/18/19 Square


"EXCELLENT bagels. I've lived in Upper Pottsgrove for 19 years with not many choices for good quality food let alone Bagels. We had Einstein for a few years but they were way too inconsistent and closed ( go figure ) lol. My SO and I stumbled upon Barristers while at the old farmers market getting tacos for the 2nd time yesterday, and went back this am for a Breakfast sandwich and a doz to go. Excellent sandwich/bagels and nice friendly owner/staff. Finally." - Brian N. 10/13/10 Yelp

"The owners are amazing the shop looks cleaner and better and the bagels are delicious I will be back for sure!" - Monica W. 10/12/19 Yelp


"I am so glad this place is under new ownership. The ordering process is much more efficient as they actually answer the phones now. They also made the establishment more spacious and it looks a lot better in there now. Stopped in this morning for bagels and they are delicious as always." - Brianna H. 10/9/19 Yelp


"Great bagels! Always very good." - Brian C. 10/7/10 Facebook

"Great bagel shop with so much more available to enjoy! Would highly recommend for fresh foods, local coffee and eats in the area. The owner was very welcoming when I came there the other morning to try it out as well!" - Kyle L. 10/5/19 Google

"Great bagels - As a native New Yorker I am petty picky about bagels especially when they advertise NY style bagels. Generally the portion size is smaller than Ny bagels, but the flavor is excellent. My favorites are everything and garlic with scallion cream cheese. Unfortunately the Pottstown locations seem to sell out very early. Hopefully they can get to the point where they are baking the bagels at all locations so we don’t have to drive so far ... though it is worth the drive :)" - Jagzier 10/3/19


Yummy bagels and some very fresh cream cheese spreads! Always feels good to support local, but feels great to support local that tastes great." - Marissa H. 9/30/19 Google

"Great fresh bagels. Everything bagel had a great covering of EVERYTHING. Lots of breakfast sandwich offerings." - Brad S. 9/29/19 Google

"Stopped in this morning to get a bagel. Really good bagels, they also gave us a free bottle of everything seasoning and we use it on almost everything. Very good. The store is Under new management and the owner seems very friendly. I would love to see a spicy cream cheese option available like manhattan bagel!!!!" - Gerald M. 9/29/19 Google

"Great new staff and bagels always fresh and delicious" - Joel H. 9/28/19 Google

"The bagels are fresh everyday and Jerry makes her own cream cheese with different flavors I recommend this Bagel Shop to friends and family" - Adel H. 9/23/19 Google


"Excellent Bagels & Awesome service, Thanks" - Vance J. 9/21/19 Facebook

"Best lox and cream cheese bagel Sandwich I have had in a long time! Even better was I only had to drive 4 mins from my house to get it. I would usually have to drive an hour to Haverford!!! Such a great addition to Pottstown" - Emily C. 9/21/19 Facebook

"Lucky enough to recently have Barrister's Bagels delivered to the office and they were fantastic. Don't sleep on the bacon bagel chips! Even got a doggie bagel which the pup loved." - Stephen M. 9/20/19 Facebook

"A friend gave me a dog bagel for my pup and he loved it! Haven't stopped in for people bagels yet, but I will make it a point next time I'm passing through the area." - Kirstyn N. 9/20/19 Facebook 


"We stopped in Saturday for grand opening and came back on Sunday for more. I need it to be Friday already so I can get more! Delicious and affordable." - Kim M. 9/18/19 Facebook

"What a wonderful addition to Pottstown and the High Street Terminal!! I’m so glad to have a bagel place that’s local and that’s good too! The staff is so nice and friendly and I’m excited for their new venture in Pottstown. I highly recommend checking them out!" - Janelle S. 9/16/19 Facebook

"Geri is soo fun! Get your bagel with Geri, true deliciousness. Homey and feel good place." - Kathy M. 9/14/19 Facebook

"Our first visit to the shop. Loved the specialty cream cheeses." 9/14/19 Alena B.

"Pottstown has been waiting for a decent bagel for a long time! Wait no more, and these are delicious! One of many new food vendors in the newly rebranded High Street Terminal, check them out!" - Amy Wolf 9/12/19 Moving FOURward

"Love your bagels!" - Edward F. 9/11/19 Facebook

."Despite reading the negative reviews on Yelp, I had a great experience here today. I called to order two breakfast sandwiches for pick up. The girl who answered the phone was friendly and took my order promptly. I went to pick the order up 10 minutes later and it was ready. This was my first time there since the new ownership. The place definitely has had a facelift; bright and clean inside. I was waited on right away, the order was ready. The sandwiches were delicious, especially the bagels themselves. No complaints whatsoever and I will definitely be back." - Samantha M. 9/8 Yelp

"Great choice of bagels that taste great." - Marty V. 9/5/19 Google

"Their bagels are fantastic!" - Chris D. 9/4/19 Facebook

"EvErYtHiNg's are the BEST !!! :-)" - Frank B. 9/1/19 Facebook

"Just nice people producing and selling a good product!" - Kenneth K. 8/31/19 Square

"Your bagels are the best! Very impressed." - Anonymous 8/29/19 TalkToTheManager

"I'm surprised to see this bagel shop with so many less than stellar reviews but I'm guessing the previous ownership had some issues. I only visited a few times before it was under new ownership and have been back several times since the new ownership. I'm a transplant from Long Island, NY and a good bagel is something I always miss from home. This place really nails it! Best bagels in the area, hands down. I always get the same order every time so I can't speak to the quality of the whole menu, but I love it. A big negative for me before was they didn't have iced coffee. I would always have to get a bagel then stop somewhere else for an iced coffee. I'm so happy that iced coffee is now on the menu! Yes the place is fairly small with minimal seating but that's how most of the bagel places were that I grew up with so I'm not bothered. One of the new owners was there last time I was in and he was very attentive to making sure the service was good and that the food was coming out quickly. I hope they stick around for a while." - Danielle T. 8/23/19 Yelp

"I love what the new owners have done with the building. The inside is so much brighter, the coolers are always stocked, and the employees are extremely welcoming." - Madeline K. 8/21/19 Google

"The service was great, the food was great, location is great! My husband & I are still talking about how good the bagels & cream cheese were!!" - Michelle P. 8/20/19 Square

Its under new ownership. Much more friendly and professional then the previous owner and employees. Food is very good." - Bill P. 8/19/19 Google

"Much better service then the previous owner - Keep the momentum up!! Two thumbs up!!" - Deana K. 8/19/19 Square

"I came back to update my review since Barrister's is under new management! It's amazing. The food is so much better, the staff is friendly and efficient, and the restaurant is now cleaner and brighter." - Karen L.  8/17/19 Yelp

"Katie is an awesome waitress. Updates to restaurant look great!" - Susan S. 8/16/19 Square


"If you like bagels, this is the place. - This is a great place for quick food and Under new management, the quality and accuracy of orders has greatly improved. Tasty bagels with lots of options make this a family favorite for a quick meal." - Ed H. 8/12/19 Trip Advisor

"Store looks cleaner and staff friendlier. Good improvements." - Anonymous 8/4/19 TalkToTheManager
"Nice folks, great product." - Kenneth K. 7/31/19 Square

"This place is under new management once again, but this guy running it now seems to sincerely care about what's going on under his roof. He recognizes repeat customers and genuinely does answer the 'text the manager' number. Whoever is back there making bagels makes them great and whoever he's hired to prep veggies actually knows how to slice them. We've been customers at this place for years and we sure hope to continue for years more enjoying our Sunday outing here." - Rachel W. 7/29/19 Google

"I'm a long time customer who has seen this location decline steadily over the years...the changes made under the new ownership have been great! The new owner is engaged, greets customers immediately, and the ordering process is completed with ease. It's clear the new owner cares about the customer experience. I look forward to being a customer of the new Barristers for years to come!" - Anonymous 1/28/19 TalkToTheManager

"Being open at 7 a.m. on a Sunday allowed for a welcome surprise of fresh bagels and cream cheese for the family." - Dalene B. 7/28/19 Square

Hey there, long time customer over at the bagel shop! Been coming in for a while and LOVE how clean and tidy the place looks. Thanks for the changes and keep up the great experiences! " - Anonymous, 7/27/19 TalkToTheManager

"Prior to your takeover they were always out of egg bagels? Since then I have been in 3 times, every time you have had egg bagels. I believe it is worth my time to stop by on a regular basis again. thanks." - Paul S. 7/27/19 Square

"New management? Barristers is always excellent, but something is new and different, and it’s great." Melissa S. 7/20/19 Square

"Nice changes. I had stopped going due to cleanliness and needing paint. Good luck!" - Anonymous 7/18/19 TalkToTheManager

"Since taking over Barrister’s Bagels, Gerry & Tom have done a very nice job of breathing “new” life into what was a dying business. The bagels remain solid, and it helps that the other items listed on the menu are available. Additionally, the “TLC” that has been given to this business (i.e., fresh paint, clean floors, etc...) are really nice touches. Btw, did I mention that my chicken salad sandwich was great!" - Eric S. 7/15/19 Square

"The staff is always pleasant." - Kenneth K. 7/12/19 Square

"7.11.19 I would like to post an updated review. Under new management the place seems to run more smooth. More staff is available to answer the phone and at the counter to take your order while at the product is still awesome! Glad to see this change. Good job to the new management, you got a good thing going." - Moisei S. 7/11/19 Yelp

"Awesome. Brought brochures back to office." - Jennifer N. 6/20/19 Square

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